Why use our IT Relocation services?

Over 20 years of successful relocation services from small office to large corporate moves.
We will create a detailed migration plan that easy to follow.
Experienced staff in hand that can work independently or with coordination with your IT department.

We will control your cost, and ensure only the required IT infrastructure is installed at your new location.

We will manage your entire office move from start to finish.
We offer Managed IT services, and able to provide post migration support if required.
We proactively plan ahead to ensure your Office Relocation is smooth to ensure your business is least impacted with this relocation.

Office IT Moves/Relocation

Moving your IT equipment to a new office location is more than just packing it up and have your delivery company move it to a new location. Your equipment move requires weeks if not months of planning to ensure everything is in place prior to the actual move. Rojan IT services can move your infrastructure to your location without impacting your current operation but this requires a well-defined plan and project management something Rojan successfully delivered from a small office to a large corporate migration.

Services Offered

Pre-Move Analysis

Will perform walk-through, floor layout and server room design and inventory of equipment.

Project Management

We will manage the Move and coordinate between the move company and internal departments, including scheduling.

Telecom Connections
Will install phone lines, port numbers, move or setup new phone systems.
Server / Telco Room Layout Design
Order server racks and suggest best location within office (including M&E requirements)
Server Migration & Setup
We will migrate your servers to new location (including setup, configuration and testing)
Data Migration
We will ensure your data is fully backed up and replicated to new site without data loss.
Workstation Migration / Setup
We will setup you desktops, laptops and WIFI including testing.
Backup & Recovery
We will backup your data into the cloud or to secure devices prior to migration
Cabling Installation
We will install Cat 6, Fiber and Security lines.
Network Setup

We will set up your WiFi, firewall, DNS records at the new site prior to migration.

Printers / Workstation Setup
We will setup your network printers, and workstations as per predefined layout.
Equipment Delivery

We will work with your delivery company to ensure your equipment properly packaged/secured prior to the move. Or can arrange special delivery.

Migration Weekend Support

We will be onsite to provide assistance during migration weekend to ensure all components running prior to business start.

Extended Support (after Relocation)

We will provide post-move support via in-person, over the phone.

When do you plan to move?

How many users migrating?

Will you need server migration?