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Hosted Desktop DaaS Services in Dallas, TX

Hosted desktop DaaS service in Dallas, TX offers secure, flexible access to files, office productivity and business applications from your house, office or hotel room. If you wish to have that secure and flexible access at all times, you can give us a call and our citrix desktop access service team in Dallas, TX will walk you through the process.

RDP Dedicated Desktops

40 GB SAS Storage
Optimal MS Office

Citrix Dedicated Desktops

40 GB SSD Storage
Optimal MS Office

Citrix VDI Desktops

40 GB SAS Storage
Windows 10 Pro
Optimal MS Office

Citrix Hosted Desktop Shared

hosted desktop daas service dallas, tx

Rojan’s Citrix desktop access services in Dallas, TX offer a second to none desktop as a service platform to launch your business applications on a Microsoft Windows Desktop or streamed direct to your screen without logging in to a desktop environment.

Citrix hosted desktop is the preferred service solution as it provides the most robust and speedy access to your applications.

The Citrix hosted shared desktop solution is the most economical method to host your applications on a hosted desktop platform as it requires no server and configuration management.

Desktop Access – $35 per month per user
Published Apps – Open applications without Desktop access
Two factor authentication is optional on this service. Cost for this is $5 per month per user.

Citrix Hosted Desktop Dedicated

Citrix Hosted Desktop on a dedicated platform is a solution for organisations requiring flexible options for customized server configuration and scalable resources.

Citrix hosted desktop dedicated solutions allows your IT administrator to take full control of your applications and control who has access to them without having to contact our support line for assistance.

Many of our customers with more than ten users prefer the dedicated Citrix Hosted Desktop solution.

Desktop Access – $79/m (VPS with 4CPU, 8GB RAM, 100GB HDD)
Published Apps – Open applications without Desktop access
Additional Users $35 per month per user

Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is defined as the hosting of desktop environments on a central server. It is a form of desktop virtualization, as the specific desktop images run within virtual machines (VMs) and are delivered to end clients over a network. Those endpoints may be PCs or other devices, like tablets or thin client terminals.

In all virtual desktop infrastructure deployments, the following characteristics apply:

The virtual desktops live within VMs on a centralized server

Each virtual desktop includes an operating system image, typically Microsoft Windows

In modern digital workspaces in which numerous apps must be accessed on demand, virtual desktop infrastructure facilitates secure and convenient remote access that helps boost employee productivity. Furthermore, it enables a consistent experience across multiple devices.

Not all types of desktop virtualization leverage host-based VMs like virtual desktop infrastructure does. Also, virtual desktop infrastructure is not synonymous with desktop virtualization as a category. Instead, it is an alternative to other forms of virtual desktop delivery, including hosted shared solutions that connect PCs and thin clients to a shared desktop, as well as local desktop virtualization, in which the desktop environment runs directly on the client.

Assuming all supporting infrastructure is functioning as intended, a user who remotely accesses a virtual desktop infrastructure solution from their endpoint can manage the OS and the applications and data on it as if they were running locally. This setup lets workers safely access everything they need from virtually any device, without requiring specific hardware.

Augmented by solutions for convenient single sign-on (SSO) and secure remote access, virtual desktops can also be run and managed alongside the growing spectrum of cloud, web and mobile apps integral to modern workflows. Employees get a unified experience that enables greater productivity, while IT avoids silos and mitigates the risk of unauthorized logins.

In other words, virtual desktop infrastructure in the context of a digital workspace platform contributes to a superior working environment without compromising on security.

Remote Desktop Access Services in Dallas, TX (RDP)

Microsoft Remote Desktop provides an efficient and economical method of accessing your desktop remotely. The advantage of RDP is simple access with no extra software required. If you would like to know more, feel free to give us a call and our remote desktop service team in Dallas, TX will walk you through everything. If you have any other issues in your IT department, our onsite IT support might be able to assist you with that as well! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Hosted Desktop Service in Dallas, TX (DaaS)

Work From Anywhere

Speedy Application Access

Reduced Licensing

Recently, companies have adopted a new trend. They no longer rely on their IT staff to manage the company’s hardware instead they opt for Cloud-based solutions. Most services such as disaster recovery plans, infrastructure, platform, software, etc., are offered as a service in the Cloud to businesses by third parties who charge a regular subscription fee or a usage-based fee.

What is Desktop as a Service?

DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) hosted in the cloud and are usually charged a subscription service or usage-based payment structure. Small, medium or start-up businesses who’s cost of maintaining an On-Premise virtual infrastructure are high hire hosted desktop providers who take care of backend management. Typically, the management involves data storage, Cloud backup, updates, maintenance, security, etc.

DaaS can be offered in two broad types: Persistent or Non-Persistent.

  1. Persistent DaaS

A persistent desktop is where the user can customize and save a desktop that looks the same each time that the user logs in. It requires a bigger storage space compared to a non-persistent hence the cost.

2. Non-Persistent DaaS

Unlike the persistent, the non-persistent is wiped out every time the user logs out. It is a means for the user to access shared Cloud services.

DaaS providers allow users to choose from both. Permanent employees and those with specific needs are permitted to access Persistent Desktops, while temporary employees gain access to the Cloud through a Non-Persistent.

How Does Desktop as a Service (DaaS) work?

Rojan, a leading DaaS service provider in Dallas, TX hosts network resources, infrastructure, and stores information in the Cloud. Once a customer signs a licensing contract, the provider streams services and virtual applications for employees to use through a public or private Cloud. With a stable and secure internet connection, employees can access the service through a HTML-based web browser and/or download a secure application to a PC, laptop, tablet, or thin client.

DaaS providers have adopted a multi-tenancy architecture where a single application is delivered to several tenants or users. The hosted provider uses a unified data center to offer the virtualized platform to end-users through the internet. A provider who is third-party to the transaction is responsible for procurement, maintenance, and management of all hardware required for the virtual infrastructure. In addition, the DaaS provider is accountable for upgrades while the customer manages the virtual applications and desktop images.

What are the top benefits earned by a business that uses DaaS?

Every employee will have access to their work from any location and device. Every company’s vision is to securely deliver applications and desktops required for work at a low cost. Conventional personal computer environments are overburdened with IT management problems that adversely affect the user’s experience and productivity while at the same time consuming the IT administrators’ time. Common IT challenges range from simple employee password resets to difficult security patches, upgrades, and updates.

The industry revolutionizes virtualized applications that have always been perceived as complex and requiring massive capital investment. Customers are now opting for a simple solution that fits within the operational cost structure of the business.

DaaS offers a viable solution to many businesses, whether small, medium, large, or start-up. Any company interested in a centralized, secure, and manageable VDI that want to enjoy the simplicity of their essential management services being performed by a professional organization are now turning to virtual providers. Simplified operations and the secure deliveries of Windows desktop/applications attached to DaaS have many businesses’ IT departments now reaping big from the many advantages.

Some of the top benefits of DaaS:

  1. Increased flexibility

It is a flexible solution to business’ employees, temporary workers, and contractors as they can access their data remotely and virtualized applications securely from any given location. It creates a digital workspace where they have access to their devices and have a secure internet connection. They can log in virtually and remain productive no matter the location cost-effectively.

2. Simplified management

Provides cloud storage and backup for all your business data. Data lives in a centralized, remote location where it is easy to back up constantly. Users will not need to manage their backups nor worry about data stored on their office computers. In addition, in preparation for a disaster, the VM backups are regularly synchronized to an offsite location. If a disaster strikes, it is easy to recover data by provisioning new virtual machines from the offsite backup.

3. Scalability

It is easy for a business to scale up their virtual system and applications when needed and to scale back down when no longer needed. Case scenarios where DaaS’s scalability provide essential necessity include a business acquisition or merger, staffing temporary employees in case of a peak season, managing business contractors, and deploying branch offices.

4. Enhanced security

Data security is a vital requirement for every business. With DaaS, users have simplified virtual programs, applications, management procedures, processes, and a secure access point to the Cloud. Cloud access ensures secure data storage and protection against device theft and loss of data.

5. Cost-effective

While using DaaS from a trusted provider, your business saves on high costs since you will only pay for what you have used. This will be identified either through a regular monthly/annual subscription model or a usage-based fee structure. In turn, capital business costs are cut down when using DaaS and your business enjoys more predictable costs of operation. In addition, it only requires a laptop, Desktop, or a thin client, as opposed to the large amounts of the disk, RAM, powerful CPU, etc., that are high to acquire and maintain.

6. Ensures better business resilience and continuity.

Of any corporate computing infrastructure, PC’s and laptops are the least resilient. Relocating to virtual systems increases your business’ resiliency. Unlike an on-site computer that crashes a hard disk, time is consumed while commissioning a new machine, and data loss in case of a virus or ransomware attack, DaaS eliminates the resiliency. It is easy to wipe clean and rebuild a user’s machine when hit by a virus as well as a ransomware attack. Another example would be the use of another device to log back to the cloud awaiting replacement or repairing your machine’s hard disk.

At Rojan, leading citrix desktop access service provider in Dallas, TX we are dedicated to offering secure and flexible access to business files from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office. We are a top service provider offering various DaaS solutions ranging from Remote Desktop Access (RDP) by Microsoft and virtual desktop infrastructure, a provider for either shared or dedicated by Citrix at an affordable cost. For more information, contact us today.