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Private IP Services in Dallas, TX

Rojan, leading provider of private IP services in Dallas, TX will help you to connect your branch offices together while using private IP (MPLS) which works without traditional VPN overhead.

Access your files and database applications with speedy response times.

Rojan’s Private IP is a totally managed solution with built-in redundancy. After our private IP services team helps you set everything up, it will enable you to connect all your branch offices back to your head office with minimal expense and without substituting quality.

Our Private IP product uses a private IP MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching) solution. Your data traffic is carried across our high capacity backbone, never touching the public Internet. With this setup, made by our private ip services team in Dallas, TX you receive the same level of security you would see in a Frame Relay or ATM network.

All Private IP MPLS connections terminate at our Equinix data centers. Our network consists of multiple data centers and multiple IP transits ensuring absolute maximum uptime and automatic continuation of services via alternative paths for our clients.

private ip services in dallas tx